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The $10 Victoria’s Secret and chocolate bliss



Today Victoria’s Secret was revealed to me. Having waited for the whole month of March to crack the code on the back of my card (that came with my purchase in said month, pictured above), the anticipation was high. I had almost convinced myself that this was going to be the year a VS store manager would scan my card and….lights would go off and confetti would rain down on me: Congratulations! You just won $500 to spend at Victoria’s Secret! Start shopping!!!

Unfortunately, no confetti this time….again. With a smile, the girl behind the counter at the VS store location at Union Station told me politely the value on the card was $10.
Well great, thanks….no sexed up lingerie for the BF then, maybe I could grab a can of that dry shampoo that I love, or maybe a tube of lipgloss will do….*sigh*.

Despite not being a $500 big ticket winnner (#winning #fail),  I still believe this is a great marketing efforts on behalf of VS. Not many other clothing companies offer up free shopping bucks like this, and my $10 is absolutely more likely to bring me back to the store ( and spend more than my $10 of course) than any Express coupon that shows up in my snail mail inbox- promising 20% off a purchase of $125 or similar. So thank you and congratulations VS on a clever rewards program. I will remain a loyal customer…but could I still please ask to be a $500 winner next year?

Another retail location in Union Station has a similar loyal customer rewards program with…wait for it…….Godiva CHOCOLATE. The single best feature of carrying that card in my wallet, is that each month I get a free piece of chocolate, my choice, and without the stiffling stipulation of ‘ with additional/minimum purchase only’.  Other perks involve free shipping and gifts, but what will keep a customer like me coming back is that 1 piece of chocolate, that may, in theory, entice me to fill a golden Godiva box with pralines and other wonderful offerings. Because see, in most girl’s worlds, that one piece of free chocolate is just enough to bring you into the store- genious, since a female (or male!) customer might avoid the store to avert the risk of temptation and a sudden craving for chocolate. So, congratulations Godiva for implementing this very rewarding membership program, and thank you for contributing to world happiness and peace through each (free) piece of chocolate.



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