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Dancing away to Tiesto in DC


Tiesto, world famous DJ and perhaps Holland’s second biggest export ( guess what’s #1?), graced DC with his presence this weekend. The event at D.C Armory was part of the Tiesto U.S Tour and was presented by Panorama Productions and Club Glow. Since Tiesto had the honor of playing live at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, I though this would be a show not to be missed. And a show it was.

D.C Armory is an impressive location to start with. Add the light show and the vibrating base and the party was on- more for some than for others. My party was cut short by these top crowd offenders, listed below:

1. The couple in front of us that felt that this was the time and the place to fight publicly for more than an hour.

2. The girls who thought they could push through to the front by their good looks (sorry not pretty enough ladies!).

3. The frat boys who absolutely needed to smoke in a crowd where the feeling was of sardines in a can.

4. The other boys who absolutely needed to smoke weed in the crowd (come on, weed? at a dj concert? grow up!)

5. The guy behind us who screamed like a girl (Tiestoooooo, oh my goooooood) until somebody told him to shut up.

It was fun while it lasted, and the music was great- until next time Tiesto, hopefully with a better crowd!



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