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Skinny Eats and Drinks in DC

The Skinny: Cuba Libre DC



On a random Saturday night, I ended up at Cuba Libre with le boyfriend and company. The drinks were sugary sweet (‘Real boatdrinks!’ le boyfriend exclaimed) and the music was fun. The decor was different and we had a great time dancing the night away. When I was later invited to Cuba Libre for dinner, I had high expectations.

I love long dinners. I don’t love dinners that take long because of slow service. My vegeterian dish called Bacan de Platanos would be worth returning for, a feeling mutually observed by my dining companions. However, while the food was good, the experience was overshadowed by one of us having to actually get up, walk to the hostess stand and ask for our server in order to get our food.

A party of 6 highly annoyed pretty girls sparked a twitter campaign that may or may not be credited with the free dessert that suddenly appeared at our table. Suddenly, a
party of 6 pretty girls were suddenly quiet and content, and the desserts disappeared rather quickly. We left happy, but with the notion that since the food and decor would have us coming back, free dessert would not make up for slow service next time.



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