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The Skinny: Nick’s Riverside Grille

Suffering from anxiety about summer time coming to an end, and not yet having been on a relax-by-the-pool-and-drink-sugary-cocktails type of vacation, I urged my friends to head down to Cantina Marina with me to watch the sunset and enjoy a few cocktails. The sun had ample time to set before we even found a cab, and so we headed towards Georgetown instead.

Since I was still hoping for the best substitute for ‘im on the beach’ feeling DC could provide, we randomly walked towards the waterfront and shuffled up to the outside bar at Nick’s Riverfront Grille. I asked for the cocktail menu without high hopes, but was pleasantly surprised to see 6 or 7 delicious summer cocktails priced at $5. After some initial studying of the menu, I was convinced this was the happy hour drink list and braced for the worst by ordering and asking how much the drinks really were.

The bartender looked at me without any emotion and said ‘five bucks’. I giggled a bit. Ok, $5. Next question for Mr. Bartender: are they $5 all night? This time I got a more disturbed look and another ‘yes, $5, all night’. BINGO!
Could this be true, in DC, and in Georgetown of all places?

I ordered the first round, and how fun to be able to spot a round of cocktails for $20- refreshing in a town like DC.
A few rounds later we had established that the drinks were delicious, strong, well mixed and service was good despite a packed bar. We were also right by the water, outside, watching the boats docked by the boardwalk. The crowd was on the younger side but not as obnoxious as other Georgetown hangouts. The atmosphere was laid back, nothing too fancy and so much fun. BINGO again!



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