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Cherry Blossom Yoga DC 4/7/2012

It’s that time again! Yoga! Cherry Blossoms! The Mall! The Mat! 

I was growing desperate already, sending a #yogisignal to the twitterverse to see if anybody knew…anything, anything at all about the event out there? I even tweeted @lululemon…and I wanted to share the short but sweet communication here:

Any word on yoga on the mall event during cherry blossom festival? Cc: @CherryBlossFest @lululemon

 @Skinnytobeindc @CherryBlossFest Which mall is this in? We’d love to investigate this for you.
 Now, finally! Here are all the answers- follow the links here:
My blog post from last year about the event
Lululemon Logan Circle Community Calendar
National Cherry Blossom Festival website 



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