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DC Glamour- The Miss DC pageant 2012

Pageants have always intrigued me: the glitz, the glamour, hairspray, high heels and sequins make for a fascinating display on TV. When a Delta Zeta sister recently participated in the Miss DC pageant, I finally had the opportunity to see the show- live, up close and personal. I was excited to cheer on Casey and to be part of the audience at UDC where the event was held.

Until now, my understanding of the inner workings of the pageant world was limited to what I had seen on Toddlers and Tiaras. The drama! The tears! The relentless rehearsals! Mani-pedi-tan-tan-tan! Would Miss DC be just like this?

No. The competitors were Prepared. Poised. Polished. After watching rounds in swimsuit, talent, Q&A and evening wear, I wish I could have entered too- this seemed like so much fun! However, problematic microphones, a spotlight on 10 second delay and a video that refused to play resulted in a show slightly subpar to the shining sequins and 1000 watt smiles on stage. Small bumps on the road to perfection,  the show in general was thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining.

Miss DC 2011 Ashley Boalch performs her talent number

In addition to the stout Marines from Barrack’s Row who escorted the contestants in the evening wear round, the glam factor was upped considerably by the presence of several former Miss DC pageant winners. Two of them are particularly famous faces in and around DC and are definitely worth following on twitter:

My friend Casey did a wonderful job and looked beautiful in all of her outfits. Her talent number was strong and her charismatic smile I’m sure made an impression with the judges. The crowning moment this year however belonged to Allyn Rose who is the new 2012 Miss DC. She is also the contestant who goes on to represent the District of Columbia in the Miss America pageant in January 2013.

I think Allyn will do great at Miss America and I will certainly be tuning in on the telly. All scholarships and fundraising aside, I think it could be interesting to see what her potential win could do for DC on it’s quest for statehood. I’m also planning on attending the Miss DC pageant again next year- and I hope you will consider being part of the audience too!

Closing statement: In case you were wondering why there is a Miss DC and Miss DC USA, here is your answer. Just in case, you know, if this was a pressing issue for you. So now you know.



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