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So very pleasant at Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe

For somebody who wants to check out  and experience everything new in DC, the list of ‘thing to do’ grows very long, very fast. It’s almost anxiety inducing. Scratch that, it IS anxiety inducing. Hence, I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to remove one of my many to-do list items. I recently stopped by the Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe in the AdMo/U street area on my way to work and immediately cursed my hectic schedule for not having allowed me to visit here right when they opened.

The latte I ordered was handcrafted and made with love- it was sublime. Frothy, warm, not too sweet, the perfect excuse to linger just a little longer before going to work. Being a sucker for croissants, I pointed my finger at the glass case by the register and didn’t even feel a twinge of guilt when the calorie-rich morning treat was laid in its nest of me to devour.

The croissant was, if possible, even more delicious than the latte. Buttery, flaky, gooey, warm and everything that a croissant needs to be in my book. The helpful lady behind the counter told me the croissants are delivered from Blind Dog Cafe in dough form to the market each morning and baked on the premises. Boy, do I wish I could stop by for one of those croissants and a latte every morning!

I scanned the offerings in the market- chocolate bars, pies, fruit cups, pickles…so many great things to take home…but work called this morning and I was off. I’ll be back soon.



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