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Drink & DIY

When a friend asked if I was interested in attending an event called  ‘Drink & DIY’ I could not resist adding this Sunday night activity to all my other holiday season activities.

Crafts prepared by the folks behind Luri&Wilma made it possible for the online blog and magazine to literally ‘come alive’. We loved the cute totes that doubled as goody bags and the way each craft was carefully prepared in brown paper bags at each of the three crafting stations. No detail was too small to achieve perfection here!

The event was hosted by Ginger Root Design, and we could not have asked for a brighter, more inspiring space where to get crafty. The cute store space on the first floor now has ample space thanks to the newly opened second floor dedicated to tailoring services. Make sure you check out the cute jewelry, clothing and accessories available here when you visit to get your grandmother’s ball gown modernized to look fab for your next black tie event!

Our three crafts were easy to make but looked precious with endless possibilities of use. Check out the wreath, the heart pins and the holiday ‘poof’! You can also check out more pictures here.




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