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Pro-tip: GiltCity DC Warehouse sale

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Last year I was so excited to tell a few of you about my experience at the GiltCity warehouse sale in DC. It’s about that time again and the tix ($20 or $10) are now for sale. Happening Friday and Saturday March 22 and 23rd 2013.
This event features upscale brands of clothing, shoes, purses, dresses, mens’ apparel and some kids stuff…and it’s all marked down to crazy sales prizes.
If you get your tickets and plan on going, here are some tips for the event:
You get 2 hours to shop and check out.
Wear flats.
Wear yoga pants and tank top to try on clothes without having to undress if possible.
Bring a wristlet with a strap ( you have to check your purse so not worth it and the strap makes sure you have 2 hands to scoop up clothing with).
Don’t stop for the bubbly or drinks until you’re done shopping.
Scoop up any clothing and shoes that you like immediately and find a corner where you can try them on. If you don’t like them, return to racks.
If you can’t find an item you love in your size, wait. They re-stock the racks during the event.
Come early to be first in line. The best things go fast.
Decide what your priority is: shoes, handbags, dresses etc. Go to that section first. Pull from rack. Find space and try on. Then return unwanted items for other shoppers.
One more pro-tip: if you can convince a friend or man to be your helper and carry stuff as you try on more things or as you collect more and more shoes boxes to where they are ready topple over in your lap…you’re golden.


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